Who's Rob?

I'm a Truck/Car enthusiast that always had a passion to build things. I kept on building for years until 4 years ago I started on my 2017 Toyota Tacoma. I started vlogging it on my YouTube channel and the build made it to SEMA 2019!  

I spend my time with my family to build and enjoy life.

But always looking for the next project!

Current ride is 22 Ford Mustang Mach-e

I've had folks wanting to help out asking for my Patreon and possibly a GoFundMe. If it's something you want to do and it doesn't effect you or your family here's the links below for Venmo or Patreon 

    Venmo @RobDman       Click for Patreon       


Installed a low key tow hitch by Ecohitch!

Welp I got a new ride!!!  2022 Mach-E!!!

new dubs

Signature Wheels

Got the Roll n Lock installed. Took a few adjustments and head scratching but all good 

This is the new A series unit and picked up here Click link 

I'm planning to do a YouTube video on why I picked this vs so many other options. I've owned several types in several trucks

Looking for discount codes on things I review??? 

Click Here!

Latest ride is here!!!

Happy New Year! I got lucky to pick up a 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid! 

I missed having a truck and also needed some much needed MPG since gas prices are wild right now!

Be ready for tons of YouTube Content on this platform!

The LX570 aka LXfamilyTruckster got some new shoes!

TRD Rock Warriors with 285/70r17 Toyo AT3. So far so good!

When you're offroading or just driving you never know when you could be stuck. I'd suggest a good snack like these meat sticks!

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